prestige is the shadow of money and power

C. Wright Mills


Respect and admiration given to someone or something, usually because of a reputation for high quality, success, achievements, awards or social influence

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monitor quality

For many companies prestige is a major guarantee of an excellent cooperation. You probably belong to the group of businessmen who appreciate high quality in regards to communication, appropriate (re)action, flexibility in sales or procurement, technical expertise, service support and transportation and many others. It is not surprising that keeping track of some important aspects of quality is required and expected, because it allows you a quick and proper assessment of whether your business partners can guarantee high quality, and are capable of maintaining it throughout the whole period of cooperation. It is easy for you to understand that observation of business activities by your cooperating companies, especially overseas customers and suppliers, adequately protects your endeavours and keeps your entity away from any trouble, because a message telling you that your business partners are not meeting the appropriate quality in their business operations would create the time and opportunity for you to take adequate measures.

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Consider this as a way of generating useful data, so that you can make sensible decisions that will benefit both you and your suppliers and customers.

remind about low quality

No one wants to experience poor quality because it is associated with dissatisfaction, bad emotions and a large number of problems. Many businesses, however, have worked out ways of how to prevent trouble in the future. You probably know that one of the solutions is to remind your suppliers and customers that poor quality, in whatever activity, harms the business relationship between you and them, and exposes you to loss of time, money and reputation, because it affects not only you, but also other companies cooperating with you. Your business partners are not always aware of the consequences they incur by their actions. However, it seems to be enough when they receive the relevant message and begin to understand that every good business relationship builds slowly on good quality, but gets ruined very quickly by low quality.

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Give them therefore the opportunity to rethink their approach and appropriate remedies. Emphasize that you value high quality and care about good cooperation.

register low quality

You may think that sending a reminder is usually sufficient to motivate your business partners to resume and maintain higher standards of quality, because most of them are aware of the problems and the possible consequences. But what about those companies that do not seem to understand the gravity of the situation and do not appreciate your effort? For those suppliers, it is necessary to create new circumstances that are more tangible and direct. Registration of reminders provides just such circumstances for them. Without sacrificing the existing cooperation, and without bearing the high costs of finding new business partners, you can encourage your suppliers and customers to restore high quality standards in the business relationship. Do not waste your chance to continue the cooperation, save yourself the cost of changing suppliers or customers.

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Just give them a good opportunity to improve their business activities towards your entity.

high quality high quality high quality high quality

Exhibit the prestige of your enterprise

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and the way to the hearts of your business partners is through high quality. While the first saying has little to do with business, the other one is one of the cornerstones of doing business. You probably agree that each of us has a slightly different definition of quality, but the majority sees a common desired state of the quality, namely high quality. If the most businesses value and expect, what you already have, why not use it to encourage them to cooperate or to increase involvement in an existing cooperation. With the certificates, audit reports, references and reviews, you create a great awareness of your effort with your suppliers and customers, and build up more interest for your business activity.

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Therefore maintain high quality standards at your company and show others that you invest a lot of resources to help your suppliers and customers work with you seamlessly.

say thank-you to your business partners

High quality deserves recognition and should not be subject to doubt. Many proponents of this theory, however, have begun to see that it is not just about a properly made product, but, primarily about the commitment and efforts of our suppliers and customers in meeting our defined expectations and requirements. The scope of these expectations may include: lack of errors in the transmission of information, compliance with standards and regulations, up-to-date and complete information, convenience of communication, technical expertise, clear and convenient documentation or a quick response to additional needs. You do not need to be limited only to the mentioned areas, because quality affects every aspect of business activities. Also, you do not have to wait for a special occasion to thank your business partners for their high quality, because any activity conducted correctly deserves recognition.

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Show your customers and suppliers that you appreciate their efforts and endeavours to ensure high quality at every level of cooperation.

explore prestige backgrounds

As a current or prospective business partner, you have a right to access basic and additional information about the quality of activities in the company you are interested in. You are allowed this privilege through the rules and customs of trade which regulate the published information packages (standards, patents, certificates, prizes, awards, audit reports, test reports, expert opinions, and suppliers’ opinions). It is up to you to decide what kind of information you need to properly assess the quality aspects you are interested in. Please take into consideration, however, that most of the information depends on the preferences of the enterprises interested in a cooperation, and therefore is available only upon their request.

Do not waste the chance to be able to better view the data of business entities. Take advantage of opportunities providing you with more confidence that you are making the right decisions.

join the club ...

and let us build reliability and trust for you and your business partners

register yourself as business

Your company, regardless of the country of origin, legal form and other characteristics, can request the membership in one or many of our clubs.

Please understand that when processing your application it may take longer than the average time designed for it. These delays may result from the need to verify a larger number of applications

If you think that our clubs can provide you with new and better opportunities in international markets, feel free to let us know it.


register yourself as manager

Your enterprise can sign up one manager who then has unlimited privileges prescribed for a particular club or clubs.

Each representative of your company receives a club card with access codes to the panel: IAMA, and they may provide, monitor and retrieve information within the chosen subscription.

Do not make a decision now if you have any doubts that the approach being described above is what you need and will follow. Consider whether the concept and philosophy of doing business is that what you want to agree on.


get in

Access to the site and navigation among clubs is done in the IAMA panel. As a member you have access to the information provided for the selected clubs, and you can manage tasks defined within the chosen subscription options.

As an active club member, you use the supplied access codes that are assigned to you in a subscription period.

Are you curious how the philosophy of building international business relationships has been translated into the activity of the members, then get in and see the adopted solutions.



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