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Performance (deliveries, services, payments) conducted without any error regarding time, place, price, quantity and/or quality.

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monitor (non-)performance

Nowadays, more and more entrepreneurs are beginning to see the benefits of observing the activities of their local and foreign suppliers, service providers and customers. Certainly, you also understand that in this way you can avoid trouble with the cooperating enterprises, because an on-time warning telling you that something wrong is happening with them gives you the chance to properly react and protect yourself against loss of money and time.
The positive notifications such as letters of recommendation, testimonials, reviews and ratings about your business partner works very similarly. They provide you with a confirmation of the credibility of the companies that you do business with. They also give you an incentive to increase involvement in your common dealings, and they generate the impulse to develop the cooperation based on greater trust.

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Take advantage of the opportunity to build and advance the business relationship with your overseas suppliers, service providers and customers on the basis of their reliability

remind about non-performance

Just like other business entities, you place a high value on reliability and credibility towards your international business partners, and you, of course, expect in return the same approach by the companies you do business with. This is because you want your effort and proper attitude to be reciprocated. So when your business partners do not keep up with their commitments towards your enterprise, it is very important for you to help them understand how you have appreciated the seamless business relationship so far, and how they will harm their entity by not paying for delivered goods or services, or not delivering what has been contractually agreed. Therefore, your suppliers or customers should become aware that they are primarily harming themselves and giving all their business partners around the world a clear message to reflect on the further cooperation. The reminding of their obligations in a proper manner, without threats, blackmail and unpleasant words, gives them the awareness of what they are supposed to do.

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Keep up the professionalism and the chance of good further cooperation with your international business partners. If it seems that they need financial assistance invite them to our investment club.

register non-performance

Most suppliers and buyers understand the seriousness of the situation immediately after the first reminder which you could certainly have seen many times before and can confirm. But, there are some business people who need more time to analyse their actions and decisions. When they fail to deliver or pay, they usually lack the complete picture of how bad the situation is for your current and future business operations, what problems you are facing, what trouble you are encountering, and finally what difficult decisions stay ahead of you. Registering a reminder seems to be an answer to this problem. Then your partners have another opportunity to rethink their actions already taken towards your entity. They would also experience the first consequences of their neglect, in the form of a gradual loss of trust by their suppliers and customers. Remember, you do not have to go immediately to court in order to get it sorted out.

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First, give them a clear message and consider settling the issue amicably for the benefit of you and them. If it is necessary to find financial assistance for the entities, recommend them membership in our investment club.

excellent performance excellent performance excellent performance

Draw attention to your credibility

I do not need to tell you how important trust is in international business. You know it very well and can admit that credibility is a key factor when the business undertakings involve a lot of money, great effort and much time to be spent. Your credibility is one of the best types of guarantee of a successful outcome in any endeavour, and at the same time it provides your local and overseas suppliers and customers with the message that your entity is a right one for them to do business with. Your credibility is a magnet that attracts new opportunities for development and expansion, and it is a kind of protection of your interests and benefit for your business partners. Therefore, cultivate your credibility in the same way our members do.

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Exhibit your credibility while providing letters of recommendation, testimonials, reviews, ratings, awards, prizes, audit reports, and let them all support your business activities.

say thank-you to your business partners

I am sure your business partners repeatedly give good reasons for you to be satisfied with the way they combine their efforts to fulfil the obligations towards your entity. Quick and appropriate reactions, professional communication, on-time deliveries, payment without any delay, and strong commitment by your suppliers and customers to maintain the reliability are very valuable assets. Here you can thank your business partners for all that. By sending and (anonymously) publishing your thank-you for their efforts, hard work and commitment to the business relationship, you can help them create and strengthen their good image and boost their credibility. Certainly there are many companies that will gladly do the same for you.

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Support your business partners with your excellent opinion about them. Allow them to grow for not only their benefit but yours as well, and give an expression of your appreciation for their efforts so that they can enjoy the credibility among their suppliers and customers.

explore reliability backgrounds

A large number of entities recognizes the need for transparency in business activities. They provide a comprehensive insight into the company's data, because only in this way, they can pursue a policy of clarity. Those companies care about their credibility and they want their reliability to support their business operations. That is why our members give access to a defined package of information used to assess their credibility. However, they are also obliged to provide, on request, additional data (or communicate where it is available), which is usually required by law (balance sheet, bankruptcy filing, any changes in the company register), or documentation regulated by commercial practices such as testimonials, letters of recommendation, certificates, awards, prizes, guarantees, bonds, ratings.

Ask any members acting as current or prospective business partners for more information or to update existing data, and create for yourself the chance to take a look at the credibility of your suppliers and customers.

join the club ...

and let us build reliability and trust for you and your business partners

register yourself as business

Your company, regardless of the country of origin, legal form and other characteristics, can request the membership in one or many of our clubs.

Please understand that when processing your application it may take longer than the average time designed for it. These delays may result from the need to verify a larger number of applications

If you think that our clubs can provide you with new and better opportunities in international markets, feel free to let us know it.


register yourself as manager

Your enterprise can sign up one manager who then has unlimited privileges prescribed for a particular club or clubs.

Each representative of your company receives a club card with access codes to the panel: IAMA, and they may provide, monitor and retrieve information within the chosen subscription.

Do not make a decision now if you have any doubts that the approach being described above is what you need and will follow. Consider whether the concept and philosophy of doing business is that what you want to agree on.


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Access to the site and navigation among clubs is done in the IAMA panel. As a member you have access to the information provided for the selected clubs, and you can manage tasks defined within the chosen subscription options.

As an active club member, you use the supplied access codes that are assigned to you in a subscription period.

Are you curious how the philosophy of building international business relationships has been translated into the activity of the members, then get in and see the adopted solutions.



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